Do you remember the day you took the college entrance exam?

수능시험 친 날을 기억하시나요?

Yes, I do. I remember the day wasn’t as cold as I expected. Usually on the college entrance exam day the weather is very cold, so on my exam day I wrapped myself up with warm clothes. During the lunchtime on the exam day, I didn’t have much of an appetite, so I didn’t eat much, but even with a little bit of food, I felt like I had indigestion. But luckily it didn’t last for a long time. I remember after the exam, I came out of the place and I saw my dad waiting for me, which I didn’t expect. As soon as I saw him, I started crying. I don’t know why I did, I guess I was relieved to see my dad. For dinner, I think we went to a restaurant to celebrate the end of the exam. This year the exam has been postponed by a week because of the earthquakes. I hope the students who are in the third grade will do well on the exam in a week.

네 기억해요. 예상했던 것 보다 춥지 않았던게 기억나요. 보통 수능당일 날씨가 매우 추워서, 제 수능시험날은 따뜻한 옷으로 꽁꽁 싸맸던게 기억나요. 수능날 점심시간에 입맛이 없어서 거의 먹진 않았지만 약간의 음식만으로도 소화불량에 걸린 것 같았어요. 운이 좋게도 소화불량이 오래 가진 않았죠. 시험이 끝나고 시험장을 나왔을때 저를 기다리고 계시는 아빠를 보았어요. 제가 예상치 못한 일이었어요. 아빠를 보자마자 울음을 터트렸어요. 왜 그랬는지는 모르겠는데 아마도 아빠를 봐서 안도했던 것 같아요. 수능이 끝난것을 축하하기 위해서 식당에가서 저녁을 먹었어요. 지진 때문에 이번 수능은 일주일 연기되었어요. 고3학생들이 일주일 후 시험을 잘 봤으면 해요.

Must remember expressions

  1. the college entrance exam 수능시험
  2. the day wasn’t as cold as I expected  그날은 예상했던 것 만큼 춥지는 않았다 
  3. I wrapped myself up 꽁꽁 싸맸다
  4. I didn’t have much of an appetite 입맛이 별로 없었다
  5. I was relieved 안도 하였다
  6. This year the exam has been postponed by a week 이번연도 시험은 일주일 연기되었다 

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