Do you like getting facials?

피부관리 받는거 좋아하시나요?

Yes, I like going to a facial massage salon when I feel like it, especially when I feel like my skin looks aged or I want to get a facial massage. I used to think it was too pricy to get a facial, but I think the prices have decreased compared to eight years ago, or at least it hasn’t gone up, which is quite surprising. I guess there is lots of competition. I got a facial in my neighbourhood recently. The beautician was very friendly, and the service was satisfactory. But I don’t like talking while getting a facial, as I go there to relax. But because she was quite talkative, I couldn’t take a rest at all. In fact, I felt more tired than before I went there, as I was politely listening to her stories for an hour.

기분 내킬 때 피부 관리실에 가는걸 좋아해요, 특히 피부가 나인든것 같은 느낌이 들거나 얼굴 마사지를 받고 싶을 때요. 예전에는 피부관리 받는게 너무 비싸다고 생각 했었지만 가격이 8년전과 비교해서 감소한거 같아요 아니면 최소한 가격이 올라가진 않은거 같아요. 꽤 놀랍죠. 경쟁이 심한가봐요. 최근에 동네에서 피부관리를 받았어요. 관리 해주시는 분이 굉장히 친절 하셨고 서비스도 만족스러웠어요. 그런데 전 관리실에는 휴식을 취하려고 가기 때문에 관리 받는 동안 말하는건 별로 좋아하지 않거든요. 그런데 관리해주시는 분이 꽤 말씀이 많으셔서 전혀 쉬지를 못했어요. 사실 한시간 동안 그분의 얘기를 공손하게 들었기 때문에 관리실 가기 전보다 더 피곤한 느낌이 들었죠.

Must remember expressions

  1. facials 피부관리
  2. a facial massage salon 피부관리실
  3. when I feel like it 기분 내킬 때
  4. a beautician 미용사 혹은 피부관리사
  5. the service was satisfactory 서비스는 만족스러웠다
  6. she was quite talkative 그녀는 꽤 수다스러웠다.
  7. take a rest 휴식을 취하다



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