Do you prefer cats or dogs? 고양이가 좋아요 개가 좋아요?


I didn’t used to like cats. When I went to England, the owner of the house where I stayed had seven cats. I didn’t really like that at first, because it was smelly and there was so much fur in the air and on the furniture. But as time went on, I started realising cats are quite playful. Each one has a totally different personality, and it was quite fun getting to know them. I still prefer dogs because when I grew up we had dogs. They all died but I still remember their faces and personalities. I think because of my childhood memories, I still prefer dogs.


예전에는 고양이를 좋아하지 않았어요. 영국에 갔을 때 집 주인이 고양이7마리를 길렀어요. 처음에는 좋아하지않았어요, 왜냐하면 냄새나고 털이 공기중에, 가구위에 너무 많이 날렸거든요. 시간이 지나면서 고양이가 꽤 장난기 많은 동물인걸 알게되었어요. 고양이마다 완전히 다른 성격을 지니고, 알아가는 재미가 꽤 있었어요. 제가 자랄 때 개를 키워서 아직까지도 개를 더 선호하긴 해요. 제가 키운 개들은 모두 죽었지만 여전히 얼굴과 성격을 기억해요. 제 어린시절 기억때문에 여전히 개를 더 선호하는것 같아요.


Must remember expressions 

  1. used to like cats 고양이를 좋아하곤 했다 
  2. the owner of the house 집주인
  3. playful 장난기 많은
  4. I still prefer dogs 여전히 개를 선호한다 
  5. my childhood memories 내 어린시절의 기억들

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